• In 1969 - Established as a manufacturer of A-Class volumetric glassware.
  • In 1996 - Glassco's new face started up export division.
  • In 2000 - Relocation of Glassco export house.
  • In 2003 - Formation of Glassco instruments established.
  • In 2006 - Glassco's new plant shifted to Manglai.
  • In 2014 - New production plant of Heating instruments at Saha.
  • In 2016 - New warehouse (5000 Pallet positions)

To become the first choice for its customers and users. Sell products with excellent quality, value and convenience. We are constantly exploring the new opportunities by adding new products to our portfolio with a vision to become a one stop shop for customers.

Glassco wants to be recognized as the most innovative company in the field of Laboratory Glassware & Instruments which is known for excellent quality and innovative designs that becomes an industry standard.
We will constantly adapt and develop new technologies which set us apart from our competitors.

The company looks after the needs of Indian customers and has a tie up with companies like THERMOFISHER (INDIA), MERCH (INDIA), LOBACHEMIE (INDIA).

Our History

Glassco bears its roots very deep like the banyan tree. The company is outcome of a man who had a vision in 1969 to be one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of volumetric glassware, till 1996 was working mainly in domestic market .
Being the founder of the company his son followed the legacy and achieved greater heights and fame, not only in India but worldwide. Glassco has won many awards since its inception and has been one of the best laboratory glassware manufacturer and exporter from India.
In the year 1996 Glassco started exporting from its domestic plant with the rapid success achieved in export market . Glassco Laboratory exports its goods to more than 70 countries and on the way to make its presence in every corner of the world. It was time to set up a separate export oriented unit ( EOU) which established in the year 2000 employing nearly 70 people at that time in an area of 2000 square meter . In the year 2006 Glassco moved into a new location as it was required since the growth in the export business was very rapid. We are now working with more than 400 people in the glassware plant and covering nearly 25000 square meter area .

Glassco Laboratory Equipments (Lab Glass Export Division)

Having a history of more than 45 years in the field of manufacturing lab glass. Glassco is the biggest exporter of scientific lab ware from India, shipping more than 400 containers of glassware every year mainly Interchangeable , Volumetric, Filtration and General lab ware manufactured in ISO / ASTM Standards. That’s why, Glassco is the best manufacturer and exporter for laboratory glassware with best quality. Along with glassware a lot of allied line of products and accessories that are used in laboratory application such as Plastic ware, Rubber ware, Metal ware, Liquid Handling Instruments, Hot Plate & Stirrers.

Glassco Laboratory Equipments Plant

Glassco employees more than 85 glassblowers working on Automatic & Semi Automatic machine, making products of different shape & sizes. We have a complete line of production for making Test Tubes, Beakers, Flasks, Joints and Flanges. More than 20 glassblowers are involved in making high precision glass like, Condensers, Adapters and Assemblies various kind.

Glassco Group of Companies

Glassco group comprises of 3 companies at three different manufacturing locations in India, covering more than 7500 sq. mtrs. area and employing more than 300 people and also having its Head Office in UNITED KINGDOM.