Graduated Pipettes Type 1 (Mohr), Class AS, Batch Certificate, DIN/ISO

Graduated Pipettes Type 1 (Mohr), Class AS
• As per DIN ISO 835 Standard
• With batch certificate

Item Code Capacity (ml) Sub Division Tolerance (± ml) Colour Code Pack of Enquiry
125.453. WHITE5
125.453.00A0.20.010.006 BLACK5
125.453.00B10.010.007 YELLOW5
125.453.00C10.100.007 RED5
125.453.01A20.020.010 BLACK5
125.453.0120.100.010 GREEN5
125.453.02A50.050.030 RED5
125.453.0250.100.030 BLUE5
125.453.04100.100.050 ORANGE5
125.453.06250.100.100 WHITE5


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