Heating Mantle with Stirrer

Aluminium Construction
Variable knob for heat power control with on/off.
Variable Knob for stir speed control with on/off.
Mantle knitted with glass fibre yarn.
Provides uniform heating to flasks.
For Round Bottomed Flasks as per DIN – 12347
Inbuilt protection from liquid spill
Long life
Easy maintenance

Technical Specifications

Heating Mantle Body : Made of aluminium
Heating Mantle Material : Glass Fibre Yarn
Mantle Capacity : To hold standard Round Bottom Flasks
upto 5000ml
Variable Speed Range : Approx. upto 750 RPM
Temperature Range : Approx. 400°C
Heating Control : Electronic power regulator
Speed Control : Electronic regulator
Permissible Ambient Temperature : 5- 40 °C
Permissible relative moisture : 80%
IP Class : 10

Model No. Mantle Capacity (mm) W Dimension Enquiry
1500.EU.01100ml170 180×195
1500.EU.02250ml170 180×195
1500.EU.03500ml220 200×190
1500.EU.041000ml320 235×220
1500.EU.052000ml470 290×240
1500.EU.063000ml470 310×240
1500.EU.085000ml6230 370×250


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