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Glass Beaker- Glass beakers are general laboratory glassware products. They are used for multipurpose lab experiment such as mixing and heating the chemicals or liquids. They are cylindrical in shape and have a lip spout design for pouring. Beakers bottom area is flat and come in different sizes. The Glassco beakers capacity range starts from 5ml to 10000ml. Glassco beakers are made up of Borosilicate glass. We also produced plastic beakers as per industry demands. Types of Beakers Generally there are 2 types of beakers that are Low Form Glass Beaker Tall Form Glass Beaker Properties of Glassco Laboratory Beakers Manufactured from ASTME 438 TYPE 1 GLASS A B0RO 3.3 GLASS. Complies with ISO 3819, DIN 12331 ASTM E - 960 and USP standards. Comes with white graduation and marking area for use with an ordinary pencil. All the beakers has a uniform wall thickness which make it ideal for heating application.  These Beakers have excellent thermal performance and are highly resistant to chemical attack. Glassco beakers can be provided in White & Blue color printing. Best Manufacturers and Exporters of Glass Beakers from India Since 1969, we are manufacturing glass beakers and other laboratory glassware products. Glassco is the largest exporter of glass beakers and laboratory glassware products from India. We are the leading and best brand of glass beakers. Buy Glass Beakers Online at Best Price Here you get the glass beaker online at best price. For ordering just use the same catalogue number and just mention the color you need.