Volumetric Glassware / Burettes

Glassco burettes are manufactured from ASTM E-438 TYPE 1 CLASS A BORO 3.3 heat resistant glass which meet DIN ISO 385 and USP standards. Each and every piece is calibrated to deliver (TD, EX) 20º C. All A CLASS burettes are manufactured from precision bore tubing for accuracy. These Burettes also come with Schell batch tubes which helps in accurate reading of meniscus. The burettes are calibrated on computer controlled machines to give the most accurate results and then are rechecked on the quality control centre . The burettes made in A class come with conformity batch certificate and with individual work certificate . All A Class burettes are printed in amber colour and have a waiting time of 30 seconds, the B CLASS burettes are printed in blue colour and have no waiting time. The conformity Batch Certificates and individual work certificate are packed with each piece, however it can also be downloaded through our website www.glasscolabs.com The burettes come with 4 different kind of stopcocks Glass Stopcock, PTFE Needle Valve Stopcock, PTFE Key Stopcock and Detachable Stopcock.