Volumetric Glassware / Pipettes

Glassco volumetric pipettes are manufactured in compliance with DIN ISO 648 standards. These pipettes are calibrated to deliver (TD, EX) + 20° C . All volumetric pipettes are calibrated by automatic machine and then the final quality check is done on the quality control centre. The volumetric pipettes come in AS Class with conformity batch certificate and Class A in individual work certificate which is printed in amber colour which fuses into the glass. Each pipette is accompanied with a batch or individual certificate in the pack you can also download the certificate from our website: www.glasscolabs.com and by scanning the QR Code from the label of the box. Below is the overview of the one mark pipette explaining in detail the content printed on it. Glassco Graduated Pipettes now comes in Type 1 (Mohr) and Type 3 (Serological). Type 1 : These pipettes are for partial delivery having 0 point at top. Type 3 : These pipettes are for complete delivery having 0 Point at top.